Future directions

Lorry and Ox CartNational and international programmes must recognise the development benefits that come from local rural transport solutions and address the social, economic and technical implications. The Rural Travel and Transport Program and its partner organisations are among those working to promote the benefits that can come through improved rural transport and accessibility for all.

The Rural Travel and Transport Program (RTTP) is a multi-donor Program managed by the World Bank. It was set up to assist countries in Sub-Saharan Africa put in place policies and strategies to address their rural transport problems. A consistent finding from the Program's activities in about twenty countries is that promoting the enhanced use of Intermediate Means of Transport requires a holistic approach at national and regional levels. In response to this, the RTTP and its regional and international collaborating partners have established the Regional Intermediate Means of Transport Initiative (RIMTI). This web site is one of the first outputs of the RIMTI.
The key objective of the RIMTI is to ‘mainstream’ the use of intermediate means of transport in Sub-Saharan Africa. Achieving that objective requires the use of the various methods and approaches outlined in the other pages of this website, taking into account the lessons as appropriate. It also requires importance being given to sharing information and experiences and to increasing the number of experiences through increased funding of activities to enhance the use of local transport solutions. Information on RTTP collaborating partners and others involved in promoting the use of intermediate means of transport are listed in the section 'Further Information'